Protect your Home from Hurricanes Now

I acually had a customer this week that reasoned she should NOT get a new hurricane proof garage door now because hurricane season is still here.  She wants to wait untill hurricane season is over before she gets her new Clopay garage door.   She also informed me that her old door is 20 years old and her home mortgage has been paid off.  Whats worse news is that she has no homeowner insurance on the property.  She is self insured.  Hurricane Danny is in the tropics, I informed her.  It seems it is not heading to South Florida but one could strike well before hurricane season is over.  You need to protect your home from hurricanes before they happen or you could suffer serious financial loss I informed her.  She was strangely unconvinced and did not purchase a new hurricane resistant garage door and will call us back in late September.   My advice is not to wait untill the storm has passed.  The primary reason to purchase hurricane protective upgrades to your home is not simply to get discounts on your homeowner insurance but most importantly, to protect your home from damage during a storm, so the homes inhabitatants, YOU AND YOUR FAMILY stay safe.  Please visit us at  You can call us too at 561-272-3667, and we will answer any questions regarding hurricane coded garage doors even if you do not use our services.


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