Conrol Your Garage Door From Your iPhone or Android Phone

Have you ever left home not knowing whether you closed your garage door?

I have…and I know I am not the only one.  We now have available a brand new LiftMaster Garage Door Opener model that will send you an alert when your garage door is opened or closed and also allow you remotely, using your IPhone or Android Phone, open or close your door.

How about that service tech or a home delivery you are expecting but you cannot stay home all day waiting for them to arrive?

With our new LiftMaster garage door opener, your delivery driver or service tech can call you from your driveway.  You give them access to your garage by opening your garage door remotely using your mobile phone.  They call you when their task is completed and you remotely close your garage door leaving your home safe and secure.  No more secret hiding places for keys in the flower bed or garage door keypad codes to share with strangers.

Call us for more information on this new smart home garage door opener or visit our website to schedule and appointment.

The Doorman of SE, Fl. Inc. is an Authorized Dealer for The LiftMaster Brand Garage Door Openers.  We have been serving Broward and Palm Beach Counties for almost 30 years.




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